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International Shipping Reimagined :
Complexity Is No Longer the Standard.

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Instant Quotes, No Delays

Discover accurate, transparent pricing for
sea, air, rail shipping at your fingertips.


Effortless One-Click Booking

Enjoy speed through bookings and cut down on
repetitive tasks with features like retrieve past bookings.


Track in Real-Time

Get full control over your shipment with LX Pantos’s
advanced tracking - monitor progress and potential risks.


Streamline Your Budget

Get instant invoice notifications and manage your finances
effortlessly with downloadable Excel cost summaries.

Instant Quote

Instantly access rates for over
540 lanes across 98 countries,
with zero wait time.

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Schedule Search

Discover the optimal shipping
schedule to streamline your
supply chain plans.

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Shipment Tracking

Stay updated with LX Pantos`s
real-time visibility system for
your shipment progress.

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Tailored Quote :
Precisely Quoted,
Just for You.

Whether by sea, air or rail, and from general to
hazardous cargo, receive the exact quote tailored for
your specific shipping needs.

Smart Dashboard :
Tailored Control Center for Your Shipping Needs.

Set up personalized widgets and to-do reminders
that cater to your needs, ensuring that you stay on
top of important tasks.

Insightful Analytics :
Personalized Reports for Your Logistics Overview.

Effortlessly track your monthly shipping activities
with summaries of cargo volume, logistics costs
and carbon emissions – all at a glance.


Stay Ahead, Be Informed on
What Matters Most to You.
  • Shipping Status Updates

    Track your cargo’s journey in real-time, from pick-up
    to arrival.

  • Emergency Alerts

    Receive timely notifications for exceptions like weather
    changes and route alterations, and stay prepared.

  • Rate Change Alarm

    Stay informed with market-driven rate updates. Subscribe to
    our Rate Tracker Service and make smart financial decisions.

  • To-Do Reminders

    Let us help you keep track of our essential tasks
    and upcoming document or cargo deadlines.


At the Core,
It’s All About Collaboration:
Connect When It Counts.
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    All sales and support
    chats in one place.

  • Invite Team

    Share and manage bookings
    and tasks together.

  • PantosNow

    Join our community to exchange advice and solutions together.

Anytime, Anywhere, for Everyone Experience Hassle-Free International Shipping

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